I’ve not heard too many Samsung Galaxy Note users complaining about the S Pen stylus and how well it responds on screen, yet improvements in that area are part of a host of changes coming to the 2020 Note – known as the Note 20:)

Announced in a live stream from the company’s headquarters in Korea, this was a virtual event for a company that normally enjoys the glitz and glamour of a huge launch event in places like New York.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is the standout product from the launch. With a strong loyal following, it’s one of the most advanced smartphones on the market.

On the 6.7 inch Note 20, the pen to screen latency is improved by 40%, the 6.9 inch Note 20 Ultra sees a staggering 80% improvement.

Put simply, this means if you use the S Pen for a drawing, it will be ever more pen and paper-like. (Oh by the way, the Pen has switched to the left side of the device, that will freak a few Note addicts out no doubt)

And when making a note, Samsung is accounting for those of us with angled writing – it can be straightened in an instant with ease.

Notes are now synchronised in real-time to the cloud, and there’s integration with Outlook, Notes and Office 365 overall.

Additionally, drawing on the types of note-taking technology we saw in LiveScribe the digital pen many years ago – if you record Audio on the device while taking notes, you can replay the audio and see exactly the notes you were taking at the time.

The S Pen can also be used for a range of new “air actions”. An up and down gesture might send you BACK in the app, another action will open recent apps, a squiggle will capture a screenshot.

You can now also enhance your link between Windows and the Galaxy Note 20, allowing you to mirror apps and notifications, support for up to six apps at time will come soon, and you can drag and drop between your PC and phone.

There’s also a simpler wireless mirroring of your Note 20 screen using Miracast.

But get this. The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra can run Xbox Game pass. That means with a subscription you can play over 100 games – on your mobile. You don’t even need to own an XBox. That’s a staggering rubber stamp for the power of the device.

Of course, you can’t hide the cameras. That little camera island is becoming a camera continent – it’s big. Like the Galaxy S20.

Here’s how the cameras stack up.

On the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, you get a 12MP Ultra Wide Camera, a 108MP Wide-angle Camera, 12MP Telephoto Camera, a Laser Auto Focus Sensor and their “Space Zoom” is 5x optical and 50x Super Resolution Hybrid.

On the Galaxy Note, you get a 12MP Ultra Wide Camera, 12MP Wide-angle Camera, 64MP Telephoto Camera with Space Zoom featuring a 3x Hybrid Optical and up to 30x Super Resolution.

The real stand-out camera wise is video. These things can record 8K video at 24fps in a 21:9 ratio.

The Note 20 Ultra also features Ultra Wide Band technology which will allow new methods of instant file-sharing (think Airdrop), as well as future concepts like key finders and digital keys for your car.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 has a 4300mah battery, the Ultra has a 4500mAh power pack.

Note 20 Ultra Colours

Ultra models are fancy and shiny with a mirror-like finish in Mystic Bronze Black or White, while the Note 20 comes in Bronze, Green and Grey and have a nice hazed (matt) look colour on them.

Note 20 Colours

Tell ’em the price son:

  • Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G 512GB Mystic Black $2,199
  • Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G 256GB Mystic Black $1,999
  • Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G 256GB Mystic Bronze $1,999
  • Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G 256GB Mystic White $1,999
  • Galaxy Note20 Ultra 256GB Mystic Black $1,849
  • Galaxy Note20 Ultra 256GB Mystic Bronze $1,849
  • Galaxy Note20 Ultra 256GB Mystic White $1,849
  • Galaxy Note20 5G 256GB Mystic Bronze $1,649
  • Galaxy Note20 5G 256GB Mystic Green $1,649
  • Galaxy Note20 5G 256GB Mystic Grey $1,649
  • Galaxy Note20 256GB Mystic Bronze $1,499
  • Galaxy Note20 256GB Mystic Green $1,499
  • Galaxy Note20 256GB Mystic Grey $1,499

They’re all on sale August 21, Pre-orders start today.

Order a Note 20 you’ll get a set of Galaxy Buds+, order a Note 20 Ultra you’ll get the new Samsung Galaxy Buds Live.