$179 for a set of fully wireless in-ear headphones that have features you won’t find on the most expensive and popular models? That’s crazy.

That’s what you get with the Skullcandy Indy Evo headphones.

These are small – and in terms of ‘in ear’ size and “stalk” size, they’re pretty much the same stalk length as the original Apple Airpods, but the top bud is a bit bulkier, though it does come with a bit of a hook to ensure it stays put in your ear which I like.

6 hours battery life in the ear, plus another 24 hours in the case – there’s no complaints there.

They are very plastic – they have a cheap feeling to them – but I reckon you only notice that if you’re a snob who’s used all the higher end gear.

Pairing was easy, though I stuffed this up myself because I was playing around with them for another reason (read on), so they were paired individually to my phone, not as a pair of earbuds together, so music in one ear only.

No problem, the instructions actually spell out quite well how you reset them and start over. A breeze.

Put them in and wow, for $179, this is some great sound, really impressive stuff.

But wait.. there’s more

Ever lost a single earbud? Never again with these. The Skullcandy Indy Evo have TILE built in.

Now when I saw that I thought yeah yeah, great, built into the case.

NOPE – each earbud has a TILE in it, paired with the TILE app this means you can locate your tile wherever it is, under the car seat, in the lounge cushions or wherever. Remarkable.

And for the price. Brilliant.

Web: Skullcandy