You’ve heard of electric toothbrushes right? Very cool. Have you seen the water floss gadgets? We’ve reviewed them before – excellent way to floss without the cord or poking things between your teeth.

But hold your horses, you can now do both at the same time – the Waterpik Sonic-Fusion is both an electric toothbrush and a water flosser in one.

It’s a sonic head electric brush, and it even comes with a handy travel case – not that anyone’s going anywhere right now.

But the real difference here is the base-station. This beast of a thing sits in your bathroom and the brush is connected to it – not for power, but for water.

The tank on top you fill with warm water, and then turn the dial from 1-10 for your floss power setting and away you go.

Word of warning, its messy, and it’s strange.

You brush your teeth with your mouth closed for the most part, perhaps spitting out now and then.

With this, you’re pumping water into your mouth constantly so you need to lean over the sink and keep and open mouth for the water to flow out.

It’s strange, very strange, but my god it’s effective. I had that “just been to the dentist” feeling after each brush – that’s a good sign.

My only concern is that you need to add toothpaste more often than usual.

The flossing actually squirts away the toothpaste, so you really need to do the bulk of the brushing before you engage the flossing action.

I think it’s a learned experience, but bang for your buck, you’re getting two for one here so that’s worthwhile.

Available only at Shave Shop – it’s a $350 product, discounted a bit at the moment, for the tooth loving gadget man, perhaps a good Father’s Day present?

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