For years brewing companies’ marketers have promoted beer as clean, fresh crisp some even resorting to packaging beer in a clear bottle to prove the point!

Now those of you not in the know sunlight hurts a beer and I am not talking about temperature. Thus a brown bottle helps protect it.  It is one of the reasons craft brewers do their beer in cans.

The LifeStyler has of late been enjoying a beer that is being referred to as Hazy!  Normally sold as a Hazy IPA.  IPA stands for Indian Pale Ale and is a style of Pale Ale that has more of a Hop taste. Hazy refers to the beer having insoluble matter in the beer so not clear or crisp but cloudy.

Now I am sure that many of you have had a Coopers Beer and many of you might have even inverted the bottle before opening to ensure “the sediment” or haze was distributed back through the beer as it had settled.

The irony of all this is I noted today that Coopers has just launched a Hazy IPA as a seasoned beer (Mr Cooper please send sample care of EFTM).  Since your beers have been Hazy like forever, I look forward to tasting it.

Anyway, next time you visit your local bottle O check out the growing range of Hazy IPA beers from various boutique brewers and now Coopers. They have lots of flavour and a wonderful bouquet created from those extra added hops. Cheers.