The rumour mill has been working overtime since Apple held an event in September without announcing an iPhone, but today we’ve got the first official news of Apple’s next announcement – an Event scheduled for Wednesday morning October 14 at 4am.

To be very clear, all we know for sure is that there’s an event, when it is, that it’s an online only event again, and that it will feature something to do with “Speed”.

Here’s the invite:

It doesn’t take much to work out that a new iPhone is now overdue, and that the reference to speed is all about 5G.

What will Apple Announce?

Given the leaks over recent months, it’s pretty clear we’re going to get at least three, possibly four models of the iPhone 12.

Our own look at the Mock-up models of the iPhone 12 earlier in the year shows a brand new look, new design for the iPhone itself. The first real new design since the iPhone 6 was released.

The squared edges harp back to the iPhone 4, 4S and 5 models, while slightly thinner overal.

Around the back we’ll get a mix of double and triple lens cameras, with the possibility of LiDar (as seen in the iPad Pro) on the highest end model.

How many iPhone 12 models will there be?

While we have sighted three mock-up models, all the strongest rumours indicate there will be four iPhone 12 models.

The standard iPhone 12 may have a 6.1 inch display, as will the iPhone 12 Pro – the difference being the camera which on the Pro will be triple lens on the standard 12 a dual lens.

A larger 6.7 inch Pro Max model will be the jewel in the crown, while there will be a smaller iPhone 12 close in size to the iPhone SE.

Of course, we won’t know until the event if the smallest model is the Standard iPhone 12, or it will sit below the standard as a “mini” model. Time will tell!

  • iPhone 12 Mini with a 5.4-inch display
  • iPhone 12 with a 6.1-inch display
  • iPhone 12 Pro with a 6.1-inch display
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max with a 6.7-inch display

Will the iPhone 12 be 5G?

Put your house on 5G featuring at next week’s event. Especially given the invitation mentioning speed.

Expect Apple to spruik their speed tests against other models, with high performance antennas and 5G chipsets combining for optimal speeds.

However, I think its quite possible that only the Pro models will be 5G with the Mini and Standard iPhone offering 4G only. That’s a 50/50 bet.

What will the iPhone 12 cost in Australia?

There were some solid leaks online covering the entire iPhone 12 model range.

If we take a 1.84 multiplier and some rounding to Apple’s standard style of price points, here’s what EFTM believe the prices might look like:

Phone64 GB128 GB256 GB512 GB
Apple iPhone 12 mini$1,199$1,249$1,499n/a
Apple iPhone 12$1,349$1,499$1,649n/a
Apple iPhone 12 Pron/a$1,849$1,999$2,349
Apple iPhone 12 Pro Maxn/a$1,999$2,199$2,499

It wouldn’t shock us to see the cheapest iPhone hit $999, that’s a desirable price point in marketing, but the iPhone SE at it’s largest memory configuration is $999, so the above prices are a reasonable step up in expectations.

When is the iPhone 12 announcement?

The event will stream live on Apple’s website at 4am on Wednesday Morning October 14. It should be all done and dusted by 6am.

When will the iPhone 12 go on sale?

Given the way these things normally work, we can expect pre-orders to open almost immediately after the event, or on the Friday of the event, with the devices going on sale and shipping to customers the following Friday October 23.