I’m about to blow your mind with an all-new approach to working that is based primarily around your smartphone. The future of working is available today, and it doesn’t require a backpack, laptop bag or anything to take your files, documents, email and contacts with you – in your pocket.

It starts with the Samsung Galaxy Note 20. This one smartphone is actually like a portable computer for all the regular workplace needs.

On your phone you’re used to having an app for email. You’re used to browsing the web, and watching videos. For those needing to read, edit and create documents, or even spreadsheets on the go you can use the whole Microsoft suite of apps right in the palm of your hand.*

But that’s not the half of it. Samsung’s Dex allows all that to be then accessed on a computer desktop-like environment by simply connecting your Note 20 to a monitor.^

Take the new Samsung CT55 Monitor this 27 inch (or 32 inch) curved screen can sit pride of place on your work-from-home desk, ready at all times for you to get home and connect your Note 20. When connected, pair a Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard with your device also, and you’ve got a computer right there.

No tower PC, no laptop, just your smartphone with a Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse. The first time you use it it will blow your mind.

Open multiple windows, edit a document, copy and paste text from a PDF you’ve been sent or from your email. Watch YouTube videos – virtually whatever you normally do on your computer, you can do on your Note 20.¹

Oh, you’ve got some large files you want to keep with you? No problem, grab an external Hard Drive with USB-C connections and you can plug that directly into your Samsung Galaxy Note 20! The Samsung T5 is a great example, lightweight, instant connection and there’s even a version with a fingerprint unlock allowing your personal and work files to be safe from anyone else getting access to your data.

You can work at the beach, at the cafe, and get access to all your normal programs, all your normal files – either on the phone or on your portable hard drive.

Then when you are at the office, or at your home office – pair the Note 20 via Dex to your workspace and you will wonder why anyone has a computer at home or at the office.

Your smartphone is all you need.

*Microsoft account and app download may be required.
^ Requires compatible monitor, PC or Mac computer, keyboard, mouse and USB-C to HDMI cable, sold separately. Requires download of app and internet connection. Visit the official Samsung DeX page to view the large and growing list of supported apps and get more information on Samsung DeX. For more information, visit https://www.samsung.com/au/apps/samsung-dex/.
¹ Certain apps may not run or require separate license (for purchase) on Samsung DeX.

This article was written and published as supported editorial – articles we’re keen to write, but might not have had the resources to do without the support of our sponsors – in this case Samsung.