As if the stock shortages aren’t enough of a headache for retailers with the upcoming launch of next-generation gaming consoles the PS5 and Xbox Series X, JB Hi-Fi has been under fire for its inability to accept Gift Cards for payment by those who have successfully pre-ordered.

Thousands of people virtually queued and paid a $50 deposit to reserve their place in the delivery queue for both PS5 and Xbox Series X, however in recent days as SMS and Email notifications went to users about their stock assignment, it turned out there was no option to pay for the console with a JB Hi-Fi gift card.

Some thought this was a decision by JB, but others speculated it was a systems issue with their pre-order system.

Today, JB Hi-Fi confirmed to EFTM that they had released a solution, albeit manual, and rather clunky.

To use your Gift Card, you need to purchase with PayPal or a Credit Card, then submit a manual request to redeem the Gift Card. This process is now outlined on the JB HiFi Website:

It’s a great outcome for consumers, but will no doubt leave some wanting, as it will still require the many hundreds of dollars to be available for the purchase on a Credit Card or PayPal before a refund can be processed.

No doubt many will still not be satisfied, but by offering the option, JB HiFi should avoid any issues with the ACCC over Gift Card regulations.