I’m addicted to making my home smart, in previous reviews I’ve alluded to the fact that this is our little secret and don’t tell my wife how much I’ve spent! Anyway our house is hotter than Satan’s balls in summer and I’ve been researching how to integrate our split system air conditioner into my Apple Homekit eco system.

There are a few options available to make existing air conditioners smart controlled. The first being to use manufacturer’s own apps which often involve buying a small branded wifi unit that needs to be installed inside the air conditioner itself. This option generally requires a sparky to come visit. Some newer aircons have wifi capabilities already but still require the use of the branded app for control.

I want everything in my house controllable from Apple Homekit.

Enter the Tado Smart AC Control v3+

This unit is the most cost effective and readily available unit I could find that integrates with Apple HomeKit.

If you use Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa there are some cheaper options for you including the Sensibo Sky Wifi controller which Trev swears by.

The downside of taking the Apple path is that all the integrated products are higher in cost compared with Google and Amazon compatibility. Sigh.

The Tado unit was an absolute cool breeze to set up.

A simple process of downloading the app, signing up and following a handful of on-screen steps. To take control of my air conditioner you point the existing infrared remote at the Tado unit and press the on button, that one simple process tells the Tado what model your air conditioner is and that’s it! No really, that’s it. It was so easy to set up even my tech allergic mother-in-law could do it!

To then add control to Apple HomeKit as with all accessories you scan the unique QR code on the back of the unit.

The Tado comes with 2 commander strips and a USB-C cable and charger. It needs to be placed within line of sight to your air conditioner and the app will let you know if the signal is good.

You don’t need to use a smart device to turn on the air con, the Tado itself is touch sensitive and holding your finger on the unit for 2 seconds enables the display to then adjust the temp etc.

After a long day at the beach falling asleep to the EFTM podcast. I’m looking forward to setting the air con for our arrival home. It also has usage stats, temperature and humidity sensors and geofencing to automatically shut off if you all leave the house.

Hey Siri, turn the AC on please

I picked up the Tado Smart AC Control V3+ from our friends at Catch.com.au for $179, They also sell the Sensibo Sky for $149