The all important broadcast window for Game of Thrones has ended, and now begins the battle for the viewers who don’t have Foxtel. An unlikely new player has entered that race with a new service – Fetch TV, as its growth in Australia continues.

Sitting themselves alongside iTunes as a destination to download-to-own programming such as Game of Thrones, along with other popular titles like Veep, Entourage and True Detective, Fetch TVis looking to capitalise on its loyal subscriber base with these additional purchase options.


Just three months ago Fetch announced it had passed 100,000 subscribers – these are folks who not only have the Fetch TVset-top-box, but also pay a monthly fee for access to the internet delivered streaming TV channels.

EFTM understands that number has grown to well over 150,000 already, and growing toward 250,000 very soon.

“Fetch TV is committed to providing access to the very best in premium content,” said Scott Lorson, CEO of Fetch TV. “Fetch TV subscribers can now purchase entire seasons of the most popular TV shows, including the latest season of Game of Thrones.”

“There are many avid viewers and fans of HBO series in Australia,” said Sofia Chang, EVP, Worldwide Digital Distribution and Home Entertainment, HBO. “We are delighted to partner with Fetch TV to offer their customers the ability to download and keep their favourite HBO shows”.

The launch of Netflix in Australia has been a boost for Fetch TVwith an extensive Outdoor advertising campaign helping grow their user base and usage, and we can expect a similar campaign for the Game of Thrones Season 5 availability.

Fetch TV owners can buy shows for $2.99 in SD, or $3.49 in HD, and they can be watched on the Fetch TV box, or streamed to your smartphone and tablet using the Fetch TV app.