The impact COVID-19 is having on our lives has gone just too far now, with Kids unable to sit on Santa’s lap for the annual big fat jolly fellow photo. Facebook to the rescue, with a direct line established between Santa and your kids – if you agree.

It’s actually a very, VERY cool idea.

You as a parent, the very one who setup the Messenger Kids account for your child need to set this all up.

To Setup Santa in Facebook Messenger you go to this site. There, any child who’s account you setup will show.

Alternatively, on your smartphone:

  1. Open your Messenger app
  2. Tap on your child’s profile
  3. Tap “Messenger Kids Controls
  4. Tap “Controls
  5. In this list, find “Santa Experience,” and then “Add Santa.”

If you’re missing a child, check your partner’s phone, for me, I was unable to setup my Daughter, but on my wife’s account I was. Simple.

At this point Santa appears as a contact on your child’s device:

And on your phone, the Child’s own Santa message thread appears:

This is so you can monitor what the kids are telling Santa, because it’s important parents talk about expectations, so as not to overwhelm Santa or his elves.

Fortunately, if your child and Santa are in a detailed conversation back and forth, you won’t get all the notifications, you’ll see them when you next open the app.

So, your kids can chat to Santa, you can see what Santa is saying to the kids just like you would any other messages you send within the app – except of course, in this case, it’s Santa sending the messages – you just get to see them.

Brilliant work Facebook!