Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) is urging those who find a drone under the Christmas Tree to know the rules of flight before they take to the air.

While the huge rush for drones a few years ago may be behind us, drones like DJI’s Mini 2 are more affordable than those in years gone by, and so nimble you can fly them anytime you like.

With that in mind, CASA has continued to campaign for drone safety with their “Know your Drone Safety Advocate” program.

When you’re shopping to buy a drone you’ll see the distinctive Black and Yellow design of the logo in store, and when you’re opening your new drone there will be a pamphlet inside your purchase.

CASA hopes that buying from reputable dealers will ensure the best customer experience.

Peter Gibson from CASA said “Drone safety advocates have pledged to follow a specific set of guidelines when selling drones,”

“The guidelines ensure they are providing consumers with important safety information on when, where, and how they can use their drone safely— and stay within the law.”

“Drones are great fun, and by following the simple rules everyone can enjoy the air together,” Mr Gibson says.

One of the key things new drone owners should do is download a CASA verified drone safety app. They have a list online, these apps will tell you if you are planning to fly in a restricted area.

Additionally, if you’ve got a new drone you should do the CASA interactive quiz online to ensure you’re up with all the very basic rules of flight.