We already know that our vote for Family Car went to the Kia Sorento. Overall, the range is exceptional and worthy of your dollars, not just your consideration.

But take it to the top trim level with the GT Line and we reckon this is the best car we’ve driven in 2020.

At $50k it’s “bang for your buck” factor is outrageous. Seven seats, great styling, all the safety gear, big ticks.

But the GT Line also features a fantastic 360 Degree cameara, and autonomous parking.

Using just the remote, while standing outside the car, you can move it foward and back.

Is it a feature you’ll use a lot? Maybe not. Does the feature’s inclusion indicate Kia’s ability to innovate and integrate advanced technology. Hell yes.

It’s impressive by any measure, and a clear sign Kia are here to play a big role in our car market for years to come.

BEST 2020 Car

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