BEST 2020 Home Theatre

EFTM Best Home Theatre 2020: Sonos

Another tough tough category. We had a lot of soundbars through the office this year, but something about the Sonos really stood apart for us.

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Honorable mention to both Harman Kardon’s Citation series, and to the JBL 5.1 and stunning 9.1. The JBL 9.1 would be a joint winner in reality, but the Sonos just offered a slightly more impactful sound on it’s own.

On price, again, Sonos wouldn’t crack it – that JBL would be the best value overall. However, the simplicity of setup, use of outstanding independent rears and the overall sound pipped Sonos ahead.

And you know what, there’s never a better time than today to look at upgrading your home sound – so many great options!

BEST 2020 Home Theatre

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EFTM Best Home Theatre 2020: Sonos
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