If I was LG, I probably would have followed Samsung’s lead and left the launch of your most expensive and highest quality TVs until a bit later in the year – you know, when things have calmed down a bit around the world?

But no, they’ve come out swinging. Hoping that, while trapped at home with the kids we’ll consider shelling out $71,999 for an 88 inch 8K OLED TV.

I can already tell you it will be the best TV you can buy in 2020, I mean come on – OLED – Tick, 88 inches – Tick, and 8K – Tick.

But let’s be real, you’ll struggle to get the wife’s approval on more than $3,000 even if you’re both still fully employed.

In fact, of the 28 TVs announced by LG in their 2020 range, just 10 of them are under $3,000 – and none of them are OLED.

This is the story of OLED dominance, LG own this space, their sister company LG Display are the only ones making OLED panels of this size and quantity, so of course you have to play to your strengths.

But the cheapest OLED is the OLED55BX at $3,599.

Look, these prices will come down, dramatically, with the power of retail competitiveness – but, perhaps not as dramatically as in years gone by.

Don’t discount the value of the LG TV though, by gosh they pack some tech inside. Solid AI to ensure quality up-scaling, an outstanding operating system and all the apps you need.

Just a bit pricey at launch that’s all!

The full 2020 LG TV Model Range:


  • OLED88ZX $71,999 (May)
  • OLED77ZX $35,999 (June)


  • OLED77GX $11,399 (May)
  • OLED65GX $5,999 (April)
  • OLED55GX $4,139 (April)


  • OLED77CX $10,199 (May)
  • OLED65CX $5,399 (April)
  • OLED55CX $3,959 (April)
  • OLED65BX $4,799 (April)
  • OLED55BX $3,599 (April)


  • 75NANO99 $10,199 (May)
  • 65NANO99 $7,199 (June)
  • 75NANO95 $7,799 (April)
  • 65NANO95 $5,399 (May)


  • 86NANO91 $7,439 (April)
  • 75NANO91 $5,039 (April)
  • 65NANO91 $3,239 (April)
  • 75NANO85 $4,199 (September)
  • 65NANO86 $2,759 (April)
  • 55NANO86 $2,159 (April)
  • 65NANO80 $2,279 (April)
  • 55NANO80 $1,799 (April)


  • 86UN81 $4,869 (April)
  • 75UN81 $2,799 (April)
  • 65UN73 $1,787 (April)
  • 55UN73 $1,459 (April)
  • 50UN73 $1,199 (April)
  • 43UN73 $1,079 (April)