Gotta hand it to them, the “Share a Coke” concept has been a cracker for Coca-Cola. Put names on cans and bottles, have people look for and buy the ones they love. Well in 2020 Coke is taking that one step further with TV ads featuring shoutouts from everyday Aussies!

Grab a can or Bottle of Coke with a relevant name on it, and film a short video shoutout.

Could be to your mate, your mum, your dad, or a front-line worker who went above and beyond in the craziness of 2020.

Really cool idea.

Coke reckon they will make over 170 ads and air them across Australia, so – here’s your chance at 10 seconds of fame!

This year also, you’ll find many more names on the Coke containers, with everything from Deano, Shazza, Macca, Legend and more making up the more than 200 options being made.

Lucie Austin from Coke says “Forget actors and actresses or models and celebrities, this summer our Coke ads are all about everyday Aussies. We want to give people a chance to give a shout out on national TV to anyone they think deserves one.” 

“It might be a shout out to a Legend frontline health worker, a thanks to your Mate or your Mum who have been there for you this year or saying cheers to your True Blue local barista. 

“This is all about giving people the opportunity to have some fun and share some love after what has been a really tough year,” she said.

“We’re really excited to bring Share a Coke back this summer. This year there are more names to choose from than ever before, and we’re looking forward to inviting the faces behind those names to enjoy their 10 seconds of fame on a national stage,” said Ms Austin.

Here’s how you can send your video shoutout for the Coke ads:

  1. Record a short, 10-second video ‘shout out’ that clearly and creatively calls out who you want to Share a Coke with and why
  2. Remember to include the can or bottle that best describes your mate, neighbour, loved one, barista or bus driver!
  3. Upload the ‘shout out’ to