Not bad for a few seconds of video right? $23,000 for your tiny bit of GoPro footage, that’s what two Aussies scored for submitting and being included in the GoPro Hero 9 Million Dollar Challenge.

The theory here is simple. GoPro has a community of users who are adventurous, risk takers capturing some stunning shots.

Rather than going out to film your own content for a promo video – ask the community – and here’s the result from the 2020 model camera, the GoPro Hero 9

Impressive, amazing – you’d love to be there for any number of those shots.

The two Aussies? Blink and you’d miss them, but they are shots of two time Barefoot Skiing World Champion and seven time Aussie Champion Keenan Derry. Shot by Aaron Sullivan he captured a great view of Keenan doing his thing.

Likewise, Harry Morris who’s underwater shot of a school (is that correct) of Devil Rays was mesmerising – you’d love to see his whole clip.

Awesome shots lads, but also, some amazing competition within the video.

Personally, I’d have LOVED to be there for this one:

And I have MANY questions about how this was done:

If you want to know how good a GoPro Hero 9 is – check out the promo video.