For many dog owners out there, it can be a source of angst leaving them home unattended. In fact, according to unreferenced research by MyQ, 80% of dog owners feel guilty about leaving their best buddies at home.  The newest edition to the MyQ lineup announced at this years virtual CES is the MyQ Pet Portal. The MyQ Pet Portal allows parents to safely let their dogs outside while they’re away. There is also live video streaming and 2-way communication through the MyQ Pet Portal app so parents can stay connected to their pets at any time of day.

Designed to replace an existing exterior door, the MyQ Pet Portal comes integrated in a select offering of Kolbe doors that require a professional installation. The MyQ Pet Portal is seamlessly integrated within the door, a hidden smart panel features a patent pending smart, elevator style opening mechanism that works with a custom collar sensor. Unlike the typical retrofit doggy doors, the MyQ is virtually unnoticeable from the outside.

The MyQ has already been recognised at this years virtual CES awards by being awarded the 2021 Best of Innovation Award within the smart home category.

The MyQ Pet Portal is designed to work with dogs big and small. The retrofit doggy doors have many problems that the MyQ Pet Portal has tried to address. Features include:

  • Uniquely assigned myQ Pet Portal Sensor worn on the dog’s collar ensures that the cat won’t try to escape.
  • An auto-close and lock system triggers after your pet traverses the opening for security and to ensure no “tailgating” takes place by the neighbourhood possum.
  • Two-way camera and audio that enables real-time and recorded viewing of a pet’s comings and goings so you can see what is happening at all times.
  • The experience is managed via the myQ Pet Portal app, where pet parents can customise alerts, set preferences for how Fido can enter/exit the portal and get Daily Reports on a pet’s comings and goings.

Certainly, a revolutionary product but no announcement on if the product is to come to the Australian market.

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