While Virtual Reality isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, the idea of Augmented Reality (AR) is more promising. Videos showing concepts for Samsung’s vision of how both AR glasses would look, and how we’ll interact with them have leaked.

The videos, from Twitter user Walking Cat (via 9to5Google) show off two pairs of concept AR glasses, the Samsung Glasses Lite and Samsung AR Glasses. The videos look pretty legit, and Walking Cat has a history of successful Samsung product leaks.

As you can see from the videos, the Glasses Lite offer a more functional use case for AR. The videos shows a few scenarios like watching videos, playing games, flying a drone with a nice split screen display or even using Samsung’s DeX computing environment to do some work.

Samsung has built a decent looking, though understandably chunky looking glasses design which also include a ‘Sunglasses Mode’. The video shows the user walking into sunlight and the displays tinting at the push of a button

An interesting idea is the use of a Galaxy Watch to control the video, which could of course be expanded to more functions.

The second concept video shows the Samsung AR Glasses, which extend the glasses into more Augmented Reality.

The Samsung AR Glasses also show off some impressive hand tracking with the user typing on an AR keyboard, then interacting with an AR projection using just their hands.

In Samsung’s view of the AR office, you’ll be able to interact colleagues with Holo-deck level conference calls, immersing participants in 3D models.

How this will work, how large the field of vision and the answers to a million other questions will have to wait for the time being. dThe videos are both looking to be simply concept videos, though Samsung is known to spring surprises on their customers. No word on if or when we’ll see these released, but it’s looking good so far.