They call it a “Carfigurator” and it’s a really in-your-face experience, but what Suzuki is doing to choosing your next new car is a fun way to engage prospective buyers and expose their full range of cars and options to them.

Picking a car colour, trim and options online is not new, so when you hear that Suzuki has a website where you can do just that – your first thought is “welcome to the year 2000”.

But log on, have a look, it’s very different – In fact, I’d say it’s a bit in your face.

Turn the sound on and this whole “SETUP” experience is just like an online game.

Choose your car, the voice over will support you and lead you into the customisation experience.

Pick the car colour, and from there it’s about adding whatever bits and bobs are possible. The Suzuki Ignis is a great example with coloured grill, mirrors and decals all optioned onto the car online.

As you add things, they appear on the virtual car so you can check out the look.

Once you’re done, you’re on a leaderboard because you’re unlocking achievements the more you look at on your car or cars.

Suzuki call this an “Auto industry first” – it launched last October with the Swift and Vitara, and now covers the whole Suzuki range.

Michael Pachota – General Manager, Automotive says “SETUP is a highly engaging, interactive vehicle configurator that sings harmoniously to the notes of Suzuki Australia’s ‘For FUN’s Sake’ brand platform. My team and I are very excited to introduce SETUP to the public, now with the opportunity to customise any Suzuki in the range, any way you like.”

You get a decent break down of all the costs of your chosen options, but as it stands, the next step is to book a test drive – surely it can’t be long before Suzuki moves to a click to buy process.

Check it out and enjoy the experience at