One of the most frustrating things happening on our phones today are the number of scams going around, and the fact that not enough is being done to stop them. Today, Optus has launched a service to help their customers just that little bit more.

It is on the Telcos in our view, alongside the banks, to help avoid the huge financial losses people are suffering in Australia.

Preventing the messages getting through is one thing, something Telstra has been talking about for ages, but they aren’t alone.

Optus recently reported to EFTM they had blocked more than 300 million scam calls since December 2020, and 65 million scam SMS messages in the last year.

Right now, they are blocking around 5 million incoming calls per month, and 10 million SMS messages.

From today, if you get one of those scam messages, or calls that prompts you to call back, making you think you’re calling your bank – Optus will try to let you know if it’s a scam.

When you call the number, Optus Call Stop will divert the call to a voice message saying: “The number you have called has been reported as being used for scam activities. For more information, please visit“.

Basically, they’re trying to TELL you not to go ahead with the call. Frankly, if you get scammed after that – you’re on your own.

Optus Vice President, Regulatory & Public Affairs, Andrew Sheridan, said, “We are always updating our technology and looking for new ways to fight off scams across the country

“Call Stop is our latest weapon in this battle and protects customers when they have been tricked into ringing a scam number. The automated message very clearly exposes the scam, and the number is then blocked.”

Now, Optus doesn’t know every scammer’s number, so it’s not a 100% scam blocking guarantee, and they can’t just block numbers from being called – so this “stepping into the call” concept is a great idea, and is sure to save some people from those bloody scammers!