Apple is teasing something big inside the Apple Music app – a looping Apple Music Logo appears with the title “Get ready – music is about to change forever.”

With that massive tease in mind, EFTM expects an announcement within weeks from Apple showcasing new Airpods and a Hi-Fi music streaming option.

The first Apple AirPods were released on late 2016, with the second generation with Wireless Charging coming in early 2019. While the AirPods Pro announced late in 2019 are the flagship product, Apple needs to ensure it has a more entry level product available – without the Noise Cancelling and other premium features.

It’s expected that’s what we’ll see announced in the coming weeks.

Additionally, It’s widely rumoured that Apple will launch a Hi-Fi streaming service, offering Apple Music streaming at a higher quality for the audiophiles among us.

This will rival the higher quality services like Tidal offering studio quality to those who want it, and have the devices to listen to it.

No official word of course, other than the tease which really does point to the Hi-Fi streaming service, moreso than the AirPods, but it would make sense to wrap them all up in one “Music” event.