Parking just got a whole lot easier for users of the Porsche Park app with access to the boom-gate at Parking Garages now available directly in Apple CarPlay.

It’s very cool – you’re searching for a car park, use the Porsche Park app to find and then navigate to the right location.

When you arrive, your mobile phone communicates via a Bluetooth Beacon at the Parking gate to let you know the app can now control the Boom gates!

Drive in, press a button on the centre infotainment screen and you’re in the car park!

The Porsche Park app will show parking rates, in some cases these will be discounted for Porsche owners, and keep track of your parking that day.

When you need to leave, same situation, approach the exit gates, your car will show it’s seeing an Exit gate and with the press of a button in your car you’ve opened the boom gate and can drive out.

The Porsche Park app is developed by Porsche Australia in partnership with UbiPark and can be downloaded from the App Store.

I tested this at a car park in Sydney driving the Porsche Taycan – it worked a treat.

Public roll out of the system will take some time, starting in Melbourne at the Melbourne Arts Centre and Rialto Tower, with the program going nationally in the second half of the year.

“Porsche owners are now able to experience a completely new way of parking,“ said Sam Curtis, Managing Director and CEO, Porsche Cars Australia.

“We continue to develop technology that enhances the Porsche driving experience.“

“The goal is to offer our customers unique smart mobility experiences,” said Matthias Prilipp, Product Manager – New Technologies, Porsche Cars Australia.

“With Porsche Connect we have already launched a fully connected service offer as part of our digital ecosystem My Porsche. By adding services like Porsche Park via Apple CarPlay®, we are now expanding the digital portfolio to include new service models and offer a more holistic Porsche experience.”

Now, to save up for a Porsche:)