Fridges are no longer just basic appliances to keep your food and drinks cold. Now they are packed full of features designed to make your life easier. To this end, Samsung have just announced their new french door fridge range with the new 7000 Series.

The 7000 series comes equipped with smart innovations including the new Beverage Centre with Autofill Jug that automatically refills every time it’s placed back into the fridge! No longer will the kids or partners leave you half a glass of water in the cold water jug but it will be full every time you reach for it.

The Autofill Jug is the new big ticket item with the 1.4L BPA-free jug filled with filtered water and is now located inside the fridge making for a sleeker flat-door design while keeping the jug clean and hygienic. Other impressive features include the new Dual Ice Maker which not only makes regular ice cubes but also small “Ice Bites” allowing for faster chilling of your drinks on a hot day. As you would expect and hope, both ice bins are automatically topped up to provide that ready supply for your drinks.

Other features include large spaces in the doors for two or three litre bottles, an All-Around Cooling technology that continually checks the internal temperature to optimise the temperature where required and Power Cool and Power Freeze to quickly cool or freeze food and drinks.

The 7000 Series Samsung fridges are available now from leading retailers and online at in Silver and Black with an anti-fingerprint finish and stands at less than 1.8m so will fit in a standard refrigerator cavity. RRP for the 7000 Series fridges are: