Windows 10: How to stop the update, or roll back to Windows 7

Windows 10 has been a huge success for Microsoft with over 200 million installations globally they’ve got a lot to be happy about, but in recent weeks the concerns of users of older versions of Windows have grown as their PC’s seem to begin the upgrade process without them wanting it.

For a large part, the success of the upgrade cycle is down to smart planning from Microsoft.  They installed a nice bit of software into Windows 7 and 8 somewhere along the way to give prompts to users once Windows 10 was available.   It’s been almost impossible to ignore the fact that Windows 10 was available.


For the most part, the upgrade has been a huge success from a user feedback perspective too.  In the first few weeks or month I received a lot of calls from people with simple hardware issues like trackpads on a laptop not working, printer incompatibility etc.

These problems would be solved by the hardware manufacturers. And again for the most part they have been.

However, there’s a large number of people who for one reason or another have decided not to upgrade.  Many of them have been caught by surprise in recent weeks by their copy of Windows “scheduling” an update – the message pops up, you click OK to get rid of it, but in fact you’ve scheduled an update.  Tricky!


So – what do you do if you’re version of Windows 10 doesn’t work as well as you’d like on your PC, or you simply want to go back to Windows 7 or Windows 8?  And if you don’t want to upgrade but are sick of the pop-up messages – what can you do.

We’ve got the answers.

What if I’ve upgraded and want to go back to my old operating system?

Firstly, if you’ve upgraded, and you want to go back – it’s actually quite easy.  Press the windows key and type “Recovery” – look for an option to “Go Back to Windows 7” – click that, agree to the process and frankly, it’s an effortless and foolproof process.

Except for one thing – and I have to admit – this made me laugh quite hard.

This is a photo of the Windows screen on a laptop that had just rolled back from Windows 10

This is a photo of the Windows screen on a laptop that had just rolled back from Windows 10

When you do go back, it’s possible the first thing you’ll see on startup is a prompt to begin the update to Windows 10 in 60 minutes:)

Yep, Having rolled back from Windows 10, the first thing the computer starts to do is the update to Windows 10 process.

In that case, the next instructions are all for you!

So what if you just don’t want Windows 10?

Well, that’s your loss – it’s a great operating system.  Oh, and it’s free – for now.  In a few months it won’t be so now is the time to upgrade if you want it for free.

But, if there are issues with it on your PC or you’re just a sentimental fella who loves Windows 7, here’s how to stop Windows nagging you about Windows 10 upgrades.

Download a simple bit of software called GWX Control Panel. It’s amazing, and simple.

Once downloaded all you need to do is click the button to “Disable the Get Windows 10 App” and “Prevent Windows 10 Upgrade”.

GWX CP 1_7_1 Only

Never easier.

And once done, your life will be Windows 10 free.

Though, as I say, sooner or later you’re going to have to get it – why not now when it’s free?




  1. Robert Rigby

    April 10, 2016 at 3:29 pm

    Microsoft also have their own solution but involves registry editing. Steve Gibson has automated this in a program called Never10. I can’t vouch for it cause I actually like Windows 10. Never10 is at

  2. startrekcafeMarvin Hunkin

    April 12, 2016 at 10:49 pm

    hi. i have found windows 10, very accessible for the blind. i use a screen reader jaws for windows from, and dan clark, the training department, had a webnear about how to use windows 10. well, i can use the settings, check for updates, but have not got the latest updates, and still waiting for that. as a it programming student, and got my certificate iv programming from and using, for the video training. learning about visual basic, c #, asp, html, and the main project i did for my certificate iv, was a windows moible calculator. the main project, for the diploma of software development, a web app, get data from the new york stock exchange. and was able to add icons, and did the free windows 10 update, and have a toshiba satellite pro c-50-a, laptop, and able to add all my programs, except had to uinstall jaws, then reload it, as it still uses the mirror driver. and then did all the updates, and was trying to add icons to the system tray, by using gpedit.msc, and then going to computer configuration, all templates, windows updates, then setting it up to download weekly, and set it to notify me, but said it did not like the setting, and clicked apply. microsoft edge, the edge applications, groove music, does not work with screen readers, nvda, from, was the only one that would read some what in edge. so, the screen reader mantufacturers, working on that, and also waiting for the next big update, to have accessibility, and did read a blog for microsoft accessibility for windows 10 and office 360 for the blind. there’s over 350,000 blind and low vision and print handicapped users in australia, alone. and if i want to go to all my settings, either use the search box, or have to arrow down, or use page down, and then at first, had to then figure out how to open the collapsed folders, kept going to the apps list, press right arrow, but figured it out, by mistake, press enter. windows narrator is a lot more improved, and nice voices. i do have a mouse pad, or a track pad, but as i am a keyboard user, and got four browsers, edge, internet explorer, firefox, google crhome. firefox is my default browser. for music and video i use winamp. and i use office pro 2010, and also use visual studio community edition 2015 for my programming. also do have adobe cs 5.5 student premium, which i have used dream weaver. apart from the accessibility issues, able to get to most things, marvin.

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