Our Win a Car giveaway ends Sunday May 23 and we’re giving you the chance to really up your game with an additional 70 entries in the draw!

Full details of the competition are here, and the terms and conditions of entry are here.

We are about to launch the EFTM App for iOS devices, which will allow you to add the latest EFTM stories as a widget on your home-screen, and will soon allow you to get notifications of new articles as they happen should you choose to.

But the app also contains your exclusive EFTM ID code. Think of this like a membership number, it is yours, no-one else has that code, and you just need to submit your Email and Phone number in the app to generate your unique code.

The code is linked to that email and phone number forever, so whenever we have promotions or offers using that code, you’ll be in the running.

So stand by, the app will launch SOON! And there’s 70 extra entries out there for you!!