There’s an all-new Nissan Navara in the EFTM garage right now, and spoiler alert – it’s the best looking Navara ever. Take that beast, and hand it over to Aussie engineers and you’re looking at the all-new Nissan Navara Warrior

This is the flagship model in the Navara range and is based on the rugged PRO-4X but enhanced by the team at Premcar who are one of Australia’s leading automotive engineering firms.

Nissan Australia brings in the models, and partners with Premcar to re-engineer the Navara Warrior models in Victoria with the car designed and built just for Australian needs.

Premcar isn’t just a silent partner here either, lifting to model status with the official vehicle name being the Navara PRO-4X Warrior by Premcar

Nissan Australian Managing Director, Stephen Lester says “Nissan chose Premcar as its core partner to produce the first Navara N-TREK Warrior in 2019, a vehicle we believe set a new benchmark for locally developed dual-cab utes in Australia, and the first of what will soon be several exciting new Warrior models in our line-up,”

“Australia’s unique landscape is both rugged and exhilarating, and the Warrior program is designed to deliver vehicles that share those attributes, without sacrificing safety, technology or on-road comfort.

“The Navara PRO-4X Warrior by Premcar will continue to build on that legacy, and we can’t wait for our customers to experience it for themselves.”

Premcar has 35 engineers on the Warrior program aiming for a on-road and off-road performing vehicle that doesn’t sacrifice practicality.

Premcar’s Bernie Quinn says “We’re taking all the key improvements made by Nissan on the Navara PRO-4X, like its impressive NVH levels, steering quality, extensive safety equipment and core dual-cab functionality, and we’re overlaying those updates with our own in-house engineering expertise to create the toughest and most capable Navara in the world,”

“We’ve taken everything we learned on the first Warrior, and the feedback we’ve received from customers and the media, to create a tough, capable, and refined vehicle that we think will be unrivalled in the dual-cab ute market in this country.

“It doesn’t just look the part. The Warrior is the real deal.

“Australia is a vast and truly unique place, and so the Warrior’s extensive engineering and testing program was designed to make sure it hits every requirement the Aussie ute owner has.

“That testing is now nearly complete, and that means a new Warrior is coming soon.”

With dual-cabs dominating sales, this is another chance for Nissan to snap up solid figures in the new-car sales war.