They were the original Lego Masters champions, two everyday Aussie Dads who took the show by storm, Henry Pinto and Cade Franklin have released a book called Brick Dad – basically Dad jokes visualised with Lego.

My 9 year old giggled through it, I’ve had a solid chuckle myself.

It’s not one long story, it’s a series of short stories, or one liners. Each captured in a real Lego build, and captioned like a comic book.

It’s a small book, and it’s short. Fun to have laying around, and hey, if you’re in lockdown – it’s good for a smile.

Read it once for the joke, but come back to it time and time again to admire their builds. These tiny little “sets” telling the story are full of amazing nuggets of Lego genius. Remarkable creativity on every single page.

It’s available this week, you should pick it up for under $20, available in hardback or as an e-Book.