Aussie brand STM make some great accessories for a range of devices, their ChargeTree was a big hit as an all-in-one charger for a Smartphone, Apple Watch and headphones, the new STM ChargeTree Swing takes it a step further.

The new Swing version of the STM ChargeTree is a touch bulkier, bigger, but still broadly the very same concept as the original version.

However, instead of your Apple Watch sitting up top, you now have a little swing arm that comes out the side for the Apple Watch to sit on.

The new (Left) and original (Right) STM ChargeTree

This allows for you to see the time when it’s charging – perfect for the bedside table.

Given you can charge your iPhone, Watch and headphones all at the same time, which is ideal – because you never want to be left with one of the three letting you down.

And, the small Qi charger at the back for Apple AirPods will work for any Qi charging compatible headphones, we tested it with JBL and Sony headphones.

All three charge, with just one cable into the STM ChargeTree Swing. USB-C connection, though there is no wall connector included.

The all-in-one price is $120.95.

It’s not as elegant as the Belkin 3-in-1, but it’s ideal for the bedside table.

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