In the world of tech accessories, $30 is cheap. For something so small, it might seem hard to justify the Otterbox Exo Edge Case for Apple Watch but it does the job exactly as intended.

If you’re clumsy, or just over protective, then you might worry about that glass fronted Apple Watch on your wrist. Personally, I’ve never scratched one, but one of my kids has some serious scratches on their Apple Watch after a fall in the playground – oh how this $29.95 accessory would have helped!

The box is small, the Otterbox Exo Edge Case itself is small, but gosh it goes on easy.

Simply remove the Apple Watch strap or band, then slide the Case over your watch.

Put your band back on, and you’re good to go.

They come in Pink, Orange, Blue (as you can see in my photos) and Black, and of course in both 40 and 44mm variants.

The lip around the edge of the screen is high enough to give amazing screen protection, but doesn’t change the usability of the watch.

Comfortable, has no impact on use, the only real question is, which colour – I’d have gone black if I was buying. But many might love the bold Orange, or the pink or blue for matching to other items.

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