There’s no doubting this is at the top end of the “luxury” and “nice to have” items in any home. But, if you’re building a new home, or redesigning yours, something like the LG Styler is a top choice for your brand new wardrobe.

Like TVs, Washing Machines, Fridges, this isn’t a one horse race. LG and Samsung are head to head here, and given we’d put the Samsung AirDresser to the test, it seemed fitting the LG Styler would follow.

This model is a larger unit, wider overall, and fitting more clothes inside on the hangers. At $3,299 its probably better value overall than the AirDresser given the size alone, plus, the mirrored finish is very much fit for purpose.

Where else would you want a Mirror than the very place you’re getting dressed and checking out if you’ve buttoned up correctly. It’s a nice look and in the right place can really blend into place.

Water in one bucket, waste water in the other. Large sizes mean it’s not a regular top up.

You would need to build a wardrobe from scratch though, these units are tall, and wouldn’t just slip into most existing walk-in robes.

For our test, we’ve had the LG Styler at the EFTM office during lockdown, which in the end has given a unique chance to really test it out.

I wear a suit when presenting at Conferences, making videos and for Live TV. And with all of that now being done in one place, I shifted my suits into the LG Styler at the office, never taking them home.

I’ve worn the same two business shirts, and the same two jackets in rotation for two months.

Every few days or week, I put them on a full cycle. It’s an hour and a half of steamy sanitisation with a touch of deodoriser too.

Putting them on afterwards feels like I’ve snatched them fresh from the drycleaner.

Head to head with the Samsung Airdresser you’d choose the LG Styler straight away on value. It’s a bigger unit, so its doing more for the money.

The LG Styler also has a pants press on the inside of the door – meaning you can keep your suit pants straight and creased at all times.

However, it’s really an ecosystem choice. Using the LG ThinQ app and ecosystem you’ve got controls and alerts with all your LG devices. Likewise, Samsung’s SmartThings ecosystem will direct many to their version of the electric wardrobe.

Either way, I’m sold on the concept, moreso than I was when it first looked to me like just a gimmick.

Sadly, my Drycleaner won’t know my name or will give me death stares if I walk by, but for me, the convenience of the LG Styler make it a must have. If you’re an office worker, suits, jackets, dresses, whatever the case – this keeps you looking fresh and sharp. And that’s not even scratching the surface of what it can do for the average household.

Here’s hoping lockdown lasts forever, so LG can’t come snatch this one back:)

You’ll find the LG Styler at Harvey Norman.