Alienware began in 1996 with two friends inside their garage near Miami swapping components in and out to find a best fit for a Frankenstein gaming PC build. That beginning has grown to where Alienware is today and today on their 25th Anniversary of their first build in that garage, Alienware are launching their new flagship desktop gaming PC, the Alienware Aurora R13.

CHPTER 1: A new design

The redesigned Alienware Aurora is a result of all the customer feedback Alienware has received over the years with its new open-air design allowing and promoting greater airflow and cleaner cable management. The design also allows for greater accessibility to components and increases internal chassis volume by 50% “without significantly expanding the overall footprint of the chassis”.

CHPTER 2: A cooler experience

After receiving feedback from customers on their previous Aurora desktop, Alienware has focused on airflow and thermals with the new Aurora R13. It now supports up to four fans along with liquid cooling options and of course the open-air design aids in keeping the rig cooler.

The design encourages air intake through the front of the rig, moving it across the motherboard and other components and out the rear of the chassis. The result of all the added air flow and cooling components is a cooler AND quieter experience allowing you to focus more on the game itself.

Gamers will be encouraged to also note that graphics performance has also been improved by 5% using the same GeForce RTX 3090 graphics card compared to its predecessor, the Aurora R12. The included four externally facing RGB lighting zones are controlled using the Alienware AlienFX software and will support up to eight zones in an upcoming software update.

The new Aurora R13 arrives in both Lunar Light and Dark Side of the Moon colour options but at this stage pricing is yet to be determined. As part of the launch Alienware are streaming an unveiling of the new Aurora along with PUBG Influencers and their community at the Alienware Hive over at Twitch — to catch it though you’ll have to be an earlybird as it starts at 6am AEDT tomorrow (October 16).

The Alienware Aurora R13 is available in an Intel version for AU $2799 / NZ $3099 and an AMD version for AU $3699 / NZ $4099. They will be available for purchase from November 9.