iPad mounts aren’t actually the most innovative of accessories – the most popular are just covers and cases, but TwelveSouth hits it out of the park with the HoverBar Duo iPad holder.

The company is known for its accessory innovation, we’ve seen heaps of them over the years but this one is different, in a good way.

It’s a clamp mount for iPad, and would work on all but the biggest iPad Pro. The weighted base means you can sit it by your side, on front of you or on a counter top.

If you’re looking for something a bit difference, there’s also a clamp inside the box so you can ‘hang’ your iPad from a bar or shelf with ease.

My kids have been fighting over it as a perfect home-schooling computer companion – using their iPad as a sidecar second screen to their computer, or just as an iPad for music.

Additionally, with gaming controllers so easily paired with an iPad, the HoverBar Duo made its way into the games room as a stand to hold iPads at a good height to allow the kids to sit back and game with ease.

It’s a high quality metal product, with great movement in the joints meaning it can be positioned in almost any way you need.

At only $139.95 it’s also bloody great value.

You’ll find it at JB HiFi or Twelve South online.