In 2022 there are a range of new TVs and new features coming from every TV brand, but Samsung has added a nifty new feature to their best TVs with a new colour calibration using your smartphone.

Similar to what Apple brought to their Apple TV boxes, the Samsung system uses an app on your smartphone to “read” the colours on the screen using the cameras and light sensors, and calibrate the colour settings as required.

Interestingly, Samsung’s Smart Calibration has two options. Using your Galaxy or iPhone in 30 seconds get a quick colour calibration.

However, there’s also a 10 minute process that gives a far more professional grade calibration.

From what we can see, this will apply to existing NEO QLED models in the Samsung range, as well as the new 2022 models, so we can’t wait to test it and see the difference it makes.

For Movie lovers – this will ensure you’re getting the best from your big screen investment.

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