Alienware are a brand that get a lot of love from gamers. They’re a staple in the business and are known for never holding back – delivering BIG products. The last product we reported here was the Alienware m15 laptop and my main takeaway from that was how light they boasted it was – a trend in the gaming industry at the moment. Staying true to themselves, Alienware have put out a few accessories that are very clean, sleek and beautiful. I’ll keep these short and sharp as there’s only so much you can say about peripherals.

Wireless Gaming Headset (AW988)

A consistent theme with Alienware is how well they present… I mean look at this thing;

The good

  • Quick connect & setup.
  • High quality and easily adjustable microphone.
  • Automatically turn on when raised onto your head.
  • User friendly software.

The bad

  • Voice feedback is unnecessary and annoying.
  • The physical buttons are a little out of reach.
  • Microphone Loop back delay is too long to be usable.

In summary; it’s a very physically beautiful, operationally feasible headset – however it retails for $349 and I’m not sure I could personally justify that as a standalone device, but if it was to complete the collection you might have me.

Elite Gaming Mouse (AW958)

Gaming mice are a dime a dozen, they range from $10 to $200 so having one is nothing special… but having one that is physically customizable as well as having extended RGB lighting and brushed metal is kinda cool.

The good

  • Magnetic thumb and pinkie rests that are easily removed.
  • Aesthetically gorgeous.
  • Extended RGB LED lights that operate independently.
  • Adjustable palm rest.

The bad

  • Write this off as personal preference but despite having so many customizable aspects, the mouse still felt a bit too bulky for comfort.

It normally retails for $170 but you’ll catch this mouse online for a limited time at $120! As far as gaming mice go, while there is a wide range of devices (a lot of which are significantly cheaper) I’d recommend the AW958 for it’s customization and style.


Clean, with good travel and some REAL bright lights. The AW768 has the stock standard macro keys along the left hand side as well as a volume wheel, mute and light dimmer (pictured below);

The good

  • Back-lighting is phenomenal all the way around.
  • Incredibly beautiful brushed metal look.
  • Really nice presets/effects in the driver software.
  • Key caps are easily removed for cleaning.

The bad

  • Brown switch keys are relatively “dull”.
  • While key travel is nice, the distance between keys is quite close.

The AW768 is on shelves for $249 typically, but for a limited time you can catch it online for $186. It’s a beautiful keyboard and at the discounted price point is a must buy.

Stay tuned for more from Alienware as they put out some of the best gaming gear around.