With the reveal of the Alfa Romeo Formula One car for 2022, we finally have a look at what the liveries or paint jobs on all ten Formula One teams will be this year.

Of course, it’s an all-new car, so there’s a really fresh and rounded new look to things, but we wanted to take a look at just the designs, who’s pushed the boundaries and who has played it safe.

This is my list, ranked worst to best.

Number 10: Haas

Come on team, you’ve had a year to come up with something, and even without the Russian flag on the last day of testing it looked rubbish – if you want to build a fan-base, you’ve got to create an identity!

Number 9: Red Bull Racing

This is the safest design of them all – it’s like after they went for the flat matte look all those years ago they just gave up on design innovation. Disappointing really.

Number 8: Mercedes AMG

Look, I get it, going back to Silver is the big deal here, but they are stuck between the history and the sponsors, they’ve pulled it off very well – pleasing for Merc fans, but in reality, not the best looker on the grid.

Number 7: Aston Martin

Losing BWT was the best thing that ever happened to this team, the new floor accent is nice, and will make for some great slow panning shots too. It’s safe, but aggressive.

Number 6: Ferrari

I really like the darker red, and the more than just a touch of black around the design. It’s bold, strong and assertive. Top stuff

Number 5: Alpine

Alpine have managed to do what neither Force India or Aston Martin did, incorporate the bold BWT Pink well – this is subtle (except for the reverse livery for the opening two races – which we shall not speak about). It’s a slick look.

Number 4: Alpha Tauri

A great use of just two colours, incorporating their logo well and just something nice that will really stand out on the grid.

Number 3: McLaren

That light blue paired with the Orange with a darker grey/black and we’ve got something that really stands out here. It’s fresh for 2022 and that’s what I love most, they’ve put something very new out there. Love it.

Number 2: Alfa Romeo

A bit old school, but a solid cut line of the candy red and white. For me though, they win on wheels – a really good use of colour on the wheels.

Number 1: Williams

Sure they are still trying to find their way, get a theme going without a title sponsor, but like Mercedes, they need an identity as a brand, and that’s what they’ve done. Incorporating the W across the back, a use of a full spectrum of blues, it’s a hot looking machine – tell me otherwise.

On some of these, I am not alone, on others I am clearly out on a limb.

I asked Conor McNally and Harry Tucker, co-hosts of the EFTM F1 Podcast thanks to Kayo Sports and here’s what they said.

Connor’s best to worst:

  1. Ferrari
  2. Alfa Romeo
  3. McLaren
  4. Aston Martin
  5. Mercedes
  6. Alpine
  7. Alpha Tauri
  8. Williams
  9. Red Bull
  10. HAAS

And here’s what Harry said ranked best to worst:

  1. Ferrari
  2. Williams
  3. Alfa
  4. Aston
  5. Mercedes
  6. Alpine
  7. Alpha Tauri
  8. McLaren
  9. Red bull
  10. Haas