Samsung teamed up with Google to birth WearOS 3, and enjoyed an exclusivity agreement in the use of WearOS 3. The exclusivity agreement with Google is apparently over but that hasn’t stopped Samsung from continuing to improve on their version of WearOS 3 with an update to their smartwatch skin arriving alongside an update to WearOS 3.5.

The new One UI Watch4.5 from Samsung will sit on top on WearOS 3.5 and will bring a host of new features including a new swipe action on the inbuilt keyboard, allowing you to easily type out (or swipe out) replies to messages faster and more accurately. This new typing experience joins the already present tap and peck method, dictating and handwriting already present in WearOS 3. It is easy to switch between the various input methods as well, giving you the opportunity to change on the fly.

One UI Watch4.5 will also bring with it dual-SIM support with the ability to set a preferred SIM on your Galaxy smartphone. You can switch between SIMs on the watch before making calls with it too.

New watch faces are also inbound with the ability to customise them more so you can match it to your mood whenever you want. You can save various watch faces to your favourite list for quick access.

Accessibility gets some new additions too with the ability for users to be able to adjust the display to your preferred hue (for those who have a difficult time distinguishing colours) and increase contrast to make fonts easier to read. There is also a reduced transparency mode and the removal of animations to help people be able to read the watch easier.

Auditory assistance is also included and will now allow users to balance the sound from left and right audio output for connected Bluetooth headsets.

These new features are set to make One UI Watch4.5 an even more complete smartwatch. One UI Watch4.5 is set to be released in the third quarter of this year (so, in the next three months) with more features set to be included in the update.

Keep an eye out for it arriving on your Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic in the coming months. The yet-to-be-released Galaxy Watch 5 will also receive the update when it arrives.