I’m sure when you watch F1 races you think about the strategy and question teams when they screw it up. Well, now is your chance to try and see if you missed your calling! The new F1 manager 22 game is fresh off the production line and is ready for the next Ferrari strategist.

The Manager game uses Unreal Engine to produce AMAZING graphics. When you first load into the game you are greeted with the selection of the teams. during this cutscene, there is a description of the team narrated by Crofty almost as if to demonstrate the graphics with the panning from the car to the driver. The in-game footage is UNBELIEVABLE with many different on board and one broadcast mode for you to flick to. These all show the racing like it’s real with divebombs, Drs, and slipstreaming all being shown on the video feed.

The game uses the basis of you replacing the current team principal and running the team entirely by yourself. You get assistance and notifications when things should be done but it is best to work those things out yourself before they become bigger issues. You can build new parts, scout and hire new and current drivers, look at race data, hire and fire staff, manage the economics, and run the strategy team. All this in one game can make it a struggle to understand at first but I’m sure after a few races you will have a handle on all the things you can and should do.

The racing is great with a realistic performance from the drivers and cars. Drivers can randomly lock up and go wide losing their places in the races. When a key thing like that or an overtakes on one of your drivers happens a notification will pop up with the option to watch a replay in which you will watch the replay of the incident or maneuver that occurred. I found that those replays were slightly unnecessary with some replays coming on an out lap in Q1 in which my driver barely crossed the white line, nevertheless, it didn’t affect the gameplay enough to make me hate the game. There were other times when the driver locked up they would stop on track which would cause a massive loss of positions but that is a minor thing in such a great game.

One of my all time favorite features in a video game is the radio in this one. Frontier developments have made the radio conversations real clips from the drivers and engineers. Using snippets from hundreds of races it is almost like it is an actual race and you are a part of it. Certain conversations don’t have the audio and don’t need it either. I do however wonder what will happen when F2 and F3 drivers join the grid and how that will affect the number of spoken radio conversations as you can play this game for an infinite number of seasons.

The game is outstanding and the developers should be happy with what they have produced. With a few minor tweaks and updates, this game could certainly be one of the best F1 games to date, with this being their first game of the series we can expect many better things to come in the future around the F1 Manager games.