Sneakers are hot at the moment and for those of us who love the sneaker game it’s often tough to keep them clean and looking great.  Over at IFA 2022 LG has introduced two new products that will not only display them off in all directions but also aid in keeping them clean.

The new products include the LG Styler ShoeCase and the LG Styler ShoeCare, one to get and keep your shoes clean and one to display said clean shoes.

The LG Styler ShoeCase looks like so many other shoe storage solutions (I even saw some in Kmart the other day) with transparent panels to enable full vision of the shoes inside.  Sounds basic right?  The difference with this product is that the interior of the Styler ShoeCase features a 360-degree rotating turntable to display the shoes around their full surface.  The Styler
ShoeCase boxes are modular with it possible to stack up to four cases on one another.

The LG Styler ShoeCare appliance uses the company’s TrueSteam technology to not just clean the shoes but also to soak up any moisture and help remove odours from your footwear.  The Styler ShoeCare can be used in the management of shoes made from leather, suede and other sports shoes and like a washing machine has multiple cycle options (10 in this case). 

You choose the cycle based on the type and fabric of the shoe with the appliance able to “refresh” up to four pairs in 37 minutes on a standard cycle.  You can even clean two different types of shoes at the same time which is interesting (so you can clean your Jordan 1’s alongside your Yeezys!).

Both products can be monitored and controlled remotely using the LG ThinQ app.  In the future LG is also partnering with various lifestyle brands to bring new features and functions to its shoe care appliances, which will be made available via the Upgrade Center in the ThinQ app.

At this stage Australian availability and pricing for the LG Styler ShoeCare and Styler ShoeCase are unavailable but you can be sure if and when it does come to hand we will be letting you know and parked at the front of the line to test them out.