I think a lot of Aussie households have some boxes of Vinyl records under the stairs or in the garage. And frankly, that’s a shame because it’s a great way to enjoy music and the Monster Turntable at JB HiFi is a great way to do it on a budget.

When I started this review, and filmed the video, the Monster Turntable with speakers was $499 at JB HiFi, sadly now it’s $699 and that has taken a bit of the gloss off things if I’m honest.

But – that said, it’s still a great set which right out of the box will bring your childhood favourites back to the front of mind.

This unit comes with the turntable, and two speakers. While the box says Bluetooth that’s a strange one, it won’t output to Bluetooth, but you can pair your phone to the turntable and use the speakers for your phone’s music. Got that? I’d have done it the opposite way, like Sony – and made this a real cracker.

That said, because it comes with speakers, there’s no need for Bluetooth output. You can output via RCA to another device, or 3.5mm, but the speakers and speaker wire are just fine.

Capable of playing 33 and 45 speed records, it’s really plug and play.

The crackle of the needle on the intro vinyl then the power of the music playing just from some intricate grooves – amazing stuff, just amazing.

It’s a great way to remind kids how things were and experience albums from start to finish, no shuffle.

Simple stuff, no fuss, easy to use, BYO Vinyl – but remember, they still sell Vinyl music!

You’ll find the Monster Turntable at JB HiFi now.