Well your favourite thing might be man’s best friend or your cute and cuddly kitty cat. So, for them, and you, we have a great gadget for our 8th day of EFTM’s Favourite things – the 7L Smart Pet Feeder from Tech 4 Pets!

This is a high tech pet bowl – it stores seven litres of small dry pet food – enough to keep your pet happy when you’re away.

Plus, there’s a camera so you can tune in and say hi to your pet, get notifications, record footage all right from your phone.

And, you can set a schedule so it releases the food for your pet at certain times of the day.

Brilliant, simple and easy:)

Auto feeding, checkin on your pets, the Tech 4 Pets Smart Feeder is fantastic.

Check them out at Pet Stock or Laser online

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Our Day 8 winner is Martin Pfleger from Victoria

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