Just a day after threatening to release information obtained in the Cyber Attack on Medibank last month, the person purporting to be the hacker has followed through and published sample data along with screenshots of their communication with Medibank on the Dark Web.

In an effort to prove their validity as the hacker, the published information appears to include a long thread of emails between Medibank and the Hacker using secure and encrypted email platform Proton Mail.

In all the communications, the hacker uses the name John K Ram – the character name of the main antagonist in the Saw movie franchise

The communications go into great detail about what information was obtained, and from where, but the Hacker does appear to get frustrated several times during negotiations, before finally setting a deadline of this past Monday for Medibank.

In the end, Medibank told the Hacker they would not be paying the ransom – around the same time they issued a public statement to that same effect

The alleged hacker then updated their Dark Web forum post, stating that they would “continue posting data partially”, and shared several files on their site

EFTM has viewed the data which has around 200 lines of information contains Names, Date of Birth, Medicare Number, Sex, Address and Phone numbers, along with health-care details such as the health provider name and diagnostic codes relating to their medical appointment or procedure.

While we will continue to report on the “Hack” or “Cyber Attack”, EFTM will not report on the user data or health conditions of those users.