The Medibank hacker has revealed their ransom demand for the first time, posting an update on their Dark Web blog overnight

Following a direct question from EFTM, the hacker posted just hours ago “Society ask us about ransom, it’s a 10 millions usd. We can make discount 9.7m 1$=1 customer.“

That’s an original ask of $15.5 million AUD with the hacker seemingly discounting their ransom offer by $500,000

The hacker who goes by the name John K Ram, the main antagonist in the movie series SAW, also posted that “Medibanks CEO stated, that ransom amount is “irrelevant”. We want to inform the customers, that He refuses to pay for yours data more, like 1 USD per person. So, probably customers data and extra efforts don’t cost that.”

Of course, Medibank won’t budge – CEO David Koczkar telling customers earlier this week “Based on the extensive advice we have received from cybercrime experts, we believe that there is only a limited chance that paying a ransom would ensure the return of our customers’ data and prevent it from being published. In fact, paying the ransom could have the opposite effect, and encourage the criminal to directly extort our customers. There is also a strong chance that paying a ransom could put more people in harm’s way by making Australia a bigger target.”

The hacker seems hell bent on disruption, publishing another 300 users health data overnight – and no sign they will slow down

All 500 people who’s data has already been exposed are at the highest risk of scams right now with cyber criminals around the world now grabbing all the data hackers have exposed and will be used to scam or even ransom individuals .