For those of us that remember the last FIFA World Cup, you might remember a little bit of drama around how to watch the World Cup in Australia, with SBS sharing it’s rights with Optus via Optus Sport streaming. That did not go well.

Four years is a long time, and in reality Optus Sport would be much better placed today to cope with an event the scale of the World Cup. But, SBS in 2022 with the Qatar World Cup is going it alone.

The simple question people have that is How do I watch the World Cup also carries the simplest answer. On SBS.

SBS is the exclusive home of the World Cup, with ever match live, and also available Live and on-demand on SBS ON Demand.

Using the App SBS ON Demand means people can stream on almost any device, while SBS Broadcast Television means the entire event is free-to-air for all.

It doesn’t come much easier than that does it?

Four years ago Optus streams crashed under the load of an excessive demand (one that I still argue should have been foreseen) and in the end, they had to hand back all their games to SBS to be shown on TV too!

So, for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, it’s as easy as SBS.

Australia’s first World Cup match is against France tomorrow morning at 6am (Live on SBS). They then play Tunisia 9pm this Saturday, followed by Denmark in the early hours of the morning (2am) on December 1