The 2023 line-up of the Razer Blade brings larger16:10 ratio displays – 16- and 18-inches – along with high end specs.  Both come with the latest 13th gen Intel Core i9 HX chipset, NVIDIA’s next-generation RTX 40 series GPUs and upgradeable DDR5 5600MHz RAM.

With all of these specs running flat out on a long gaming session the new cooling systems developed by Razer will be well used.

The Razer Blade 16 includes a HDR-capable dual-mode mini-LED display, also capable of 1000 nits peak brightness with a 3ms response time.  There are two modes for the display – Creator and Gamer modes.  Creator mode enables a sharp UHD+ native resolution with a 120Hz refresh rate whereas Gamer mode enables an ultra-smooth 240Hz refresh rate in the native FHD+.

The Razer Blade 18 is not just Razer’s biggest ever gaming laptop but also their most powerful one.  Designed for the most discerning gamers and creators to be a desktop replacement, the 18-inch QHD+ display supports 240Hz refresh rate while providing accurate colour representation and sharp resolution.

The design of the laptop is the usual sleek Razer design which offers desktop performance thanks to that 13th Gen Intel Core i9 chipset and DDR5 RAM alongside a 5MP webcam, a THX spatial audio 6 speaker array, a comprehensive port selection and includes upgradeable components.

Available in Q1 2023, local pricing for the Razer Blade 16 and 18 is yet to be announced.

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