When RØDE went out on a limb and started dipping their toes into new categories, like the RodeCaster some years ago, then earlier this year the headphones – we knew it would be great gear and the company continues to add features and options to suit almost every use case.

With the NTH-100M (M for Microphone – get it?) – you get the same amazing NTH-100 headphones but with a clip-on microphone and necessary cabling.

What some people thought was just an option to put the cable in either the left or right ear-cup turned out to be an expansion pack for the headphones, with the new NTH-Mic twisting into place on the right ear while the return cable, now TRRS runs from the left ear.

Buying the NTH-Mic alone is $99 and comes with the mic-arm, a new TRRS cable and a headphone and microphone splitter cable too.

For laptops or computers with dual-inputs, that allows you to separate your connections so the PC recognises the microphone.

But on a device with a TRRS connector one single cable offers headphone and microphone connectivity.

RØDE CEO Damien Wilson says “The NTH-100 headphones have been hugely successful since their release back in March,”

“We spent years meticulously designing these headphones to deliver the best listening experience possible, and they were an instant hit with everyone from audio professionals to home musicians and content creators, particularly for their highly accurate sound signature and ultra-comfortable design. It was incredibly gratifying to see our hard work pay off and now it is with great pleasure that we can deliver everything the NTH-100s have to offer in a professional headset.”

It’s a “broadcast-grade” condenser microphone, and with the RØDE name on it, we have high expectations.

EFTM plans to test this on the Two Blokes Talking Tech podcast, which is recorded on headset microphones. We’ll enable this by using an NTH-100 each with the NTH-Mic on each, using the included splitter we can then plug the headphone into a Rodecaster output, and using a RODE VXLR+ adaptor, plug the microphone into one input of the Rodecaster. We shall see how it goes!

Gamers might see this and think – hmmm, that’s for me, and while yes, it will work a treat – I personally can’t imagine Rode don’t already have a gaming solution in the works designed to work with their new RODE X brand and the UNIFY software for a complete solution.

The NTH-100 headphones with mic included are $329 in Australia, if you’ve already got a set of NTH-100’s the NTH-Mic is $99.

We’ve actually been using the NTH-100M’s on Two Blokes Talking Tech and The Best Movies You’ve Never Seen for several months, so listen for yourself!