Uniden have announced a brand new baby monitor and display combo with the BW6101R set to arrive in Australia.

The Baby Monitor and Display combo offers convenient place-anywhere options with the ability to stand freely on a shelf, or bedside table, or even be attached to the rails of a cot using the built-in adjustable clip. 

The camera offers 2K (3MP) super HD resolution streaming with ‘exceptional live streaming clarity with increased detail’ and night vision for all-night security. There’s also a portable battery backup to ensure your camera remains on and connected at all times in the event of a power outage or if the camera is accidentally unplugged

The package includes a 5-inch 720p resolution display which you can view footage on, or you can stream the footage to your smart device through the Uniden Baby Watch app available for Android and iOS – giving you options to keep an eye on what’s happening from anywhere in the world. 

Uniden has improved zoom for the camera, offering up to 4 times local digital zoom via the monitor and 6 times remote zoom through the app. The app also includes the option to mark off areas as a ‘danger zone’ where the baby is not supposed to go and receive a notification of any activity via the app.

For those looking for even more, there’s two-way communications so you can either talk to and soothe your child, or play one of 14 popular lullabies or white noise.

The baby monitor camera also includes a customisable night light with multiple colours available which can be either static or animated to create a calm and relaxing ambience that promotes a good night’s sleep, as well as a source of comfort to help with night anxiety.

The BW6101R is also compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for easy integration with a smart home.

You can find the Uniden BW6101R Baby Monitor in-store or on the Uniden website for $399.95.