We are long past the times when one mobile operating system had one feature and the other never would. Now they both swap back and forwards and in the end we all win — see, we can all get along. Now Apple looks set to add a Google Pixel-like feature to the iPhone via iOS 17 set to be announced at their WWDC next week.

According to a report from Bloomberg, Apple is planning a new lockscreen interface and widget which will surface useful information for the owner such as weather, calendar appointments and notifications. Apparently, the phone will need to be locked and tilted horizontally for the new display to show.

The new lockscreen widget from Apple builds upon the lockscreen widgets that they introduced with iOS 16. The new feature will not be exclusive to the iPhone though according to Bloomberg with the iPads receiving it as well with even more features coming for when it is docked to a rumoured magnetic mount for the iPad.

Google’s similar offering is its At-a-glance widget which displays the date, calendar appointments, air quality alerts, and other helpful notifications. It also adds more features when placed on the official Pixel stand.

This is just one of many new features we expect to be announced at WWDC next week. EFTM will be on the ground when all the news hits and will bring everything firsthand, along with hands on experiences of all the new bits and pieces Apple has in store for us.