Recently the Victorian Government announced the end of it’s electric vehicle subsidy which offered a $3,000 rebate to people who buy an EV in the state. Today, BYD are going on the attack with plans to get thousands of Victorian owners into a BYD Atto3 within the remaining subsidy timeframe.

Managing Director and CEO of EV Direct Luke Todd announced on LinkedIn that the company had allocated 2,700 Atto3 vehicles to Victoria in response to the subsidy removal news.

There are now 750 BYD Atto3’s allocated to Victoria for delivery this month, with a further 1950 allocated for delivery by the end of 2023, all of which are eligible for the Victorian Government’s existing subsidy if a customer is eligible and signs a contract to buy before the end of June 30th.

This fits within the 6 month window for the car to be delivered and paid for and still have eligibility for the $3,000 rebate.

Luke Todd describes this as “the first time EVDirect will be able to publicly flex its agile and impressive supply chain capabilities, and I am delighted we can support Victorians so they do not miss out.

Such is the strength of BYD and EVDirect’s supply capability the additional 2700 vehicles will not impact on any existing BYD customers, or any other State’s EV supply.”

Strong and smart move by BYD.