When the Apple Emergency SOS via Satellite feature launched in Australia and New Zealand back in May of this year, unfortunately we knew it wouldn’t be long before it was used in real-life emergencies – and that’s a good thing. This week, two hikers in New Zealand found out just how powerful it is.

The pair were hiking in the Arthurs Pass, an area on the South Island of New Zealand just Northwest of Christchurch.

What they were unprepared for were the rising waters of the river, which took the crossing to an unsafe level and left them stranded and concerned.

With no mobile coverage, they were unable to contact anyone directly, but thanks to the Apple Emergency SOS via Satellite system, they were able to notify emergency services of their exact location.

A Westpac rescue helicopter was dispatched by the West Coast Air Rescue Trust and went to search for the hikers.

Rescuers were equipped with their exact location and were able to lift them to safety.

Emergency SOS via Satellite only works on iPhone 14 (and later), but could easily save your life.