For those on the East Coast of Australia your lunch break next Tuesday can involve an Apple Event if you’re so inclined, with Apple this morning announcing an online event for the unusual time of 5pm in Cupertino.

The 5pm timeslot is vastly different to the usual 10am slot Apple chooses for it’s events and announcements, however Aussies won’t be complaining due to the time difference making that an 11am event on the East Coast.

Sydney and Melbourne Apple fans will see the event at 11am, Brisbane at 10am while for Perth that’s 8am.

The invitation reads “Scary Fast”, with an Apple Logo glowing on a dark background. Head to the Apple Events page where the announcement will be live-streamed and the Logo animates to show the Apple “Happy Mac” image, the image that used to Appear on early Mac Computers when booting up to indicate all was well with the machine.

That same image now forms the basis for the Apple Finder icon on Mac.

With all that said, I think we can assume we’re getting new Mac computers next week.

Long overdue for an update are the 24 inch iMac models, those colourful ones that were announced over two years ago now. They are due for an update to the M1 processor they have on board, and perhaps a new range of colours.

Many would long for a larger screen version of that colourful iMac, though any conjecture on that is pure rumour at this point.

“Scary Fast” isn’t really something I’d put alongside the M2 iMac, so you could assume at the very least the M3 processor will be announced, perhaps the new 24 inch iMac will jump to M3 – otherwise Apple might just announce the processor, though it seems unlikely.

More likely would be the MacBook Pro, which is now over a year old on M2 processor, but – we’ll have to wait until Tuesday lunch time to find out.